Stackable Small Parts Cabinets

Perfect for storing and organizing small items, Metal Fabricating Corporation manufactures a complete line of stackable storage cabinets.

Available Stackable Storage Cabinets

  • Model 700: 18-Drawer Cabinet - Arranged in three horizontal rows of six drawers each. 36 drawer dividers included.

  • Model 701: Six-Drawer Horizontal Cabinet - Featuring six drawers arranged in one horizontal row the model 701 includes 12 dividers. 

  • Model 702: Six-Drawer Vertical Cabinet - Configured in three rows of two drawers each, the model 702 vertical storage cabinet includes 12 dividers. 

  • Model 703: Nine-Drawer Cabinet - The 703 model features three rows of three drawers each to create a nine-drawer storage cabinet.  The unit comes with 18 dividers.

  • Model 715: 12-Drawer Cabinet - The 715 storage cabinet features two horizontal rows of six drawers each.  The unit includes 24 drawer dividers.

  • Model 716: 24-Drawer Cabinet - The 716 model features four horizontal rows of six drawers each 48 dividers included.

  • Model 717: 30-Drawer Cabinet - For maximum storage, the 717 model 30-drawer horizontal metal drawer cabinet includes five rows of six drawers.  Included in the unit are 72 dividers.

Metal Fabricating

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