Metal Storage Cabinets

Produced from heavy duty cold-rolled steel, metal storage cabinets from Metal Fabricating Corporation provide organization and storage solutions for home, office, garage and industrial settings.  We offer a wide selection of metal storage cabinets with a varying number of shelves, configurations and sizes.

Each metal storage cabinet is finished with a durable powder coating finish.

Metal Storage Cabinet Models

  • Model 730: L-Ignition metal storage cabinet - Featuring six shelves, the model 730 L-ignition cabinet comes complete with a lock and key to secure the sturdy metal doors.  Included with the cabinet, which measures 30 inches tall by 26-½ inches wide and 9 inches deep, is a literature holder to keep paperwork handy.
  • Model 731: S-Ignition metal storage cabinet - The model 731 S-Ignition metal cabinet has four shelves with overall dimensions of 20-¼ inches tall by 26-⅜ inches wide and 18 inches deep.  The cabinet can easily be secured using the included lock and key.
  • Model 789: Five-shelf metal storage cabinet - Constructed from cold-rolled steel, the model 789 is a five-shelf storage unit that is designed for wall mounting.  Five horizontal shelves measure 30 inches wide with a total height of 16 inches and a depth of 3 ⅞ inches.
  • Model 944: Metal utility cabinet - The model 944 metal utility cabinet is extremely versatile with two shelves that can removed or adjusted to meet your needs.  Complete with doors, the utility cabinet measures 30 inches tall, 26-½ inches wide and 12-⅝ inches deep. Additional shelves are available.

Metal Fabricating

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