Industrial Metal Storage Systems

Metal Fabricating Corporation has 80 years of experience manufacturing industrial metal storage systems. Founded in 1932, Metal Fabricating Corporation designs and produces numerous products using heavy duty cold-rolled steel. 

Each of our products are created in house, from the design stage through fabrication to finishing touches like powder coating.  We also have the ability and expertise to provide custom metal fabrication services from short-run sheet metal projects to complete prototype design and fabrication services.


Industrial Metal Storage Systems

  • Drawers and drawer organizers - Available in large or small drawers. Our drawers and drawer organizers offer a variety of compartments using durable drawer organizers.
  • Steel drawer cabinets - With a capacity for up to six drawers, our line of steel drawer cabinets offer a choice of telescopic, steel roller or ball bearing slide trays.
  • Industrial metal stands – For added convenience our specially designed metal stands can be used with our cabinets and bins to raise the unit to a convenient height.
  • Industrial storage bins - With a selection from 8 to 20 compartments per bin, our industrial storage bins allow for easy organization and storage of many types of items.
  • Metal storage bins – With a selection from 16 to 72 compartments per bin, H-series metal storage bins allow for easy organization and storage of many types of items.
  • Metal storage cabinets - Available in several types and sizes with some offering adjustable shelves. Our metal storage cabinets can be locked to keep items safe and secure.
  • Aerosol can cabinets and caddies - Our selection of aerosol can cabinets and caddies can store between six and 71 standard size aerosol cans. A portable version is available.
  • Specialty metal storage cabinets - Produced for a variety of items, we offer a selection of welding rod racks, brake line racks, key stock racks and other items.
  • Stackable small parts cabinets - For efficient organization and storage of small tools, parts or other items our stackable storage cabinets are available in several sizes, configurations and number of drawers.
  • Wire spool racks - To store, organize, transport, and measure wire from spools, our wire spool racks are perfect for the job.

Metal Fabricating

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