Drawers and Drawer Organizers

Metal Fabricating Corporation produces a wide selection of metal drawers and drawer organizers to store a variety of small parts and supplies.  Each drawer and drawer organizer includes a heavy duty cold-rolled steel shell and durable plastic insert.

Drawers are available in a number of configurations based on the number, size and shape of the compartments.  Each compartment has a rounded bottom to ease removal of small items.

Drawers are available in two sizes, the larger L-Series, and the smaller S-Series. The standard color is gray. Drawers can be customized with the paint and materials of your choice using a durable powder coated finish. (some restrictions may apply)

L-Series Drawers and Drawer Organizers

The L-Series of drawers has exterior dimensions of 3 inches high by 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep.   Each of the L-series drawers can be ordered with or without a catch.

S-Series Drawers and Drawer Organizers

Smaller than the L-Series drawers and drawer organizers, the S-Series drawers and drawer organizers measure two inches high by 13.25 inches wide and 9.25 inches deep.  Similar to the L-Series, the S-Series drawers and drawer organizers can also be ordered with or without catches. 

S-4X: 4 compartment vertically adjustable drawer

Adjustable Drawers and Drawer Organizers

For parts, projects or jobs that require more flexibility, adjustable drawers and drawer organizers are perfect for the task.  Available in both L-Series and S-Series sizes, the adjustable drawer organizer inserts come with 12 dividers that can be customized to make as few as four or as many as 16 compartments.

Metal Fabricating

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