Aerosol Can Cabinets and Caddies

Metal Fabricating Corporation offers several solutions for storing and transporting aerosol cans including aerosol can cabinets and caddies.  From portable aerosol can caddies that hold as few as six cans to larger cabinets that can house over 70 cans, our unique models allow aerosol cans to be organized and securely stored in your workplace.  Cabinets and caddies are constructed from heavy duty cold-rolled steel and finished with a durable powder coating.

Aerosol Can Cabinets

Featuring room for 48 standard sized aerosol cans, the model 300 aerosol can cabinet comes with two sliding trays to provide easy access. Cabinet comes with exclusive keyed lock. Overall dimensions are 24 inches tall by 20-¾ inches wide and 14 inches deep. Model 407 base stand is available for this cabinet.

For increased storage space, the model 303 aerosol can cabinet can house up to 71 standard sized aerosol cans.  The two shelves feature slotted separators specifically designed to hold 2 ¾-inch cans.  The 303 can be closed and locked to keep aerosol cans safe and secure.

Aerosol Can Caddies

Our selection of aerosol can caddies offers the convenience of holding between six and 12 aerosol cans.  For portability, the model 309 aerosol caddy includes a handle and holds up to six standard aerosol cans.

The model 306 aerosol can caddy and model 308 aerosol can caddy both include holes for mounting on the wall.  The model 306 holds six aerosol cans while the model 308 holds12 cans.

Metal Fabricating

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