Wire Spool Racks

Designed specifically to store, organize and access spools of wire, our line of wire spool racks range from single-wire racks to larger wire-and-hose racks that can house several spools.  Additionally, we offer all-in-one stations that allow spools of wire to be stored within the same unit as terminals and include a storage area for crimping tools.  Certain models also include built-in rulers, allowing the wire to be stored, measured and cut all from the wire spool rack.

Each of the wire spool racks produced by Metal Fabricating Corporation are created using heavy duty cold-rolled steel and finished with our durable powder coating process.  Our units include those that are portable, and suited for portable flexibility, and larger units that can house multiple spools of wire, including some that can be permanently mounted on a wall for easy access.

Wire Spool Rack Models

  • Model 633: Single wire rack - Our 633 model houses a single axle for one spool of wire.  Constructed from cold-rolled steel, the unit includes a handle on the top to make the wire rack portable.
  • Model 631: Double spool rack - Our 631 model double spool rack can holds twice the capacity of the 633 on its double axles.
  • Model 920: Wire caddy station - As an all-in-one station, our 920 model wire caddy is capable of holding multiple spools of wire on the levels of steel dowels.  Additionally, the unit includes a storage area on the top of the rack for terminals, a built-in ruler for quick measuring and a storage space for crimping tools.
  • Model 600: Wire and hose rack -  The model 600 wire spool rack comes equipped with four removable steel zinc-plated dowels and a 30-inch ruler. This wire and hose rack is also perfect for a wall-mounted installation in a garage, storage or industrial setting.

Metal Fabricating

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