Custom Metal Fabrication

In addition to our fine line of industrial metal storage systems, the design team at Metal Fabricating Corporation uses our 80 years of experience to provide custom metal fabrication services.  Each of our products, custom or standard, are produced from heavy duty cold-rolled steel for long-lasting durability. 

If you or your business would like to learn more about our custom metal design and  fabrication services or if you have a project in mind and would like a quote, contact us today.

Custom Metal Design Services

Operating since 1932 in Cleveland, Ohio, Metal Fabricating Corporation has 80 years in the metal fabricating industry.  We became an industry leader by designing and refining our own sheet metal storage products for home, garage and industrial settings. We are happy to extend that metal fabricating expertise to our customers by providing metal design services. 

Metal Fabricating Corporation is able to assist in the design phase of the product, be it on a short run stamping order, with prototype development or for a custom sheet metal item.  Our support continues from the initial concept all the way through the fabrication process to the finished product.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Using the same high standards of production we use to create our own drawers and drawer organizers, industrial metal stands and metal storage cabinets, Metal Fabricating Corporation accepts custom fabrication projects on demand. We can calculate the requirements of the specific project from start to finish. 

Our custom metal work extends to our wide selection of metal storage systems as we accept special orders for cabinets, boxes, bins, racks and organizers.  We can alter or customize any of our products to meet your specific needs.  For more information on our custom metal design, custom metal fabrication services or our die design, building and assembly, contact us.

Metal Fabricating

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