Specialty Metal Storage Cabinets

specialty metal storage cabinetsTo compliment our extensive line of industrial metal storage systems, Metal Fabricating Corporation produces specialty metal storage cabinets suited for storing and organizing particular types of items.  Among our specialty cabinets include those suited for housing brake lines, welding rods, hydraulic hoses and other industrial items.

Each of our specialty metal storage cabinets are fabricated from heavy duty cold-rolled steel.

Specialty Metal Storage Cabinet Options

Brake Line Racks

Available in two sizes and configurations, our brake line racks can be securely mounted on the wall for easy access while keeping the brake lines in place with customized slots.  The 711 model includes slots for 18 brake lines, fitting lines 1/4 inch to 7/16 inch.  For increased storage and flexibility, the 714 model allows for 28 brake lines, in sizes 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 or 3/8 inches.

Keystock Racks

Our keystock rack model 745 features room for 10 standard size keystock, with holes at 1 3/8 inches in diameter. The keystock rack model 746 includes that slide-out drawer to store short pieces.

Rod Racks

The rod racks from Metal Fabricating Corp. are specifically designed to hold welding rods.  They can be ordered in several sizes and configurations to meet your needs.  The 780, 781 and 782 welding rod rack models include six openings in three different overall sizes.  The 760 and 761 models for threaded rods include 10 3-inch square holes.

Hydraulic Hose Cabinets

Offered in separate components that can be used together to create a larger cabinet, our line of hydraulic hose cabinets include vertical, horizontal and two-compartment bins.  Cabinets bolt together securely and can be raised off of the floor using one of our industrial metal stands, if desired. They can also be used to build a modular work station by adding an H-Series bin.



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