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steel drawer racksMetal Fabricating Corporation offers a range of durable steel racks, each with a unique slide configuration. Our steel drawer racks, are built to house our fine line of drawers and drawer organizers on full metal trays. The racks are perfect for organizing L-series drawers in an easy to use storage unit.

Our drawer racks are available in several sizes. Each is produced from heavy duty steel and finished in a durable powder coating. Racks can be stacked together. Base stands are available in a number of heights to fit your individual needs. Model #735 features a locking door while locking mechanisms are available as an add-on for other units.

Steel Drawer Cabinet Options

  • Model 262: Double-drawer rack - Our double drawer rack holds two of any of our L-Series drawers and drawer organizers on its telescopic slide arrangement tray.
  • Model 271: Four-drawer cabinet rack – The four-drawer cabinet rack features heavy steel construction with free-floating slides.  The steel cabinet rack can house four of our L-Series drawers on full metal trays.
  • Model 272: Four-drawer rack - Using telescopic slide arrangements on full metal trays, the four-drawer slide rack can house four of our L-Series drawers.  The compact design allows space to be maximized efficiently.
  • Model 274: Four-drawer roller rack -  Built to house four of our L-Series drawers, the roller rack differs from others in the line of steel drawer cabinets by featuring metal roller wheels which allow the four heavy duty trays to travel with heavier loads.
  • Model 705: Two-drawer roller rack - Our double-drawer roller rack is equipped with metal roller wheels on each of the two tiers. 
  • Model 276: Four-Drawer Ball Bearing Rack – Trays glide on roller bearing slides giving trays a smooth, quiet travel. A perfect choice for heavier drawers. The reinforced full metal trays offer additional strength. A feature on the slides keeps trays in place without unintentional opening.
  • Model 735: Six-tier security cabinet - Using durable cold-rolled steel, this cabinet can house and securely store six of our L-Series drawers.  The unit includes telescopic sliding trays. Drawers within this cabinet are kept secure with a locking door and an exclusive sliding keyed lock.



 CABINETS in this selection
MODEL  274
MODEL  735

Note: Other configurations are available but not shown. Please contact us for details on additional sizes and configurations.
Special Paint Colors:
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